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I am Brenda Jeffers, Online Marketing Consultant, BA in Marketing and Management.

Since I started my training, I have done internships in Advertising Agencies and Marketing departments, in order to put into practice all the knowledge acquired.

During the last 10 years I have developed professionally in Marketing Online, and at present I dedicate myself to the area of Web Consultancy, working with diverse companies of different sectors helping to launch their projects in the Net.

As Marketing Specialist, my effort and work are focused on getting companies to optimize their performance to achieve quantitative targets both effectiveness and positioning.

I consider myself a person who likes to continue learning and be up to date with the latest trends in Online and Offline Marketing, so at present, I have a continuous training, attending various conferences / workshops and courses such as the following:

  • New professions, new opportunities
  • Creation/management of cultural events
  • Comunity manager
  • What should a company do in Linkedin?
  • SEO Techniques
  • How to start on the Internet
  • Web Analytics Course
  • 2.0 Tools for Advertising and Public Relations
  • How to improve your blog to improve your personal brand
  • How to make an effective email marketing campaign
  • Gelocalization and social networks
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Protocol and event management
  • Healing content
  • How to manage advertising on our blog
  • Social Networking for Local Businesses
  • Blogger Strategies
  • How to develop an SEO strategy in your web
  • Innovative and agile business models on the Internet


Did you know that I am an online marketing specialist in Alicante?

Now that you know the professional areas that might interest you to know I specialized my services online reputation. If you need my services as a marketing specialist contact me.