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Which Is The Most Appropriate Favor For Guests At Indian Wedding?

For every bride and groom, the day of the wedding is the most special day of their lives. Especially Indian weddings are one of the lavish celebrations and imply the importance of the day. One of the age-old custom associated with weddings is of gifting favors to the guest to show gratitude for their presence on the day.

To get some ideas about wedding favors you may explore favors online shop where there are a variety of options available for favors. Also, on this auspicious day, the spotlight is on a couple which makes it is so important that the wedding day reflects their personality, sense of style and even culture.

Deciding to celebrate their heritage, many couples include customs and traditions that uniquely personalize their special day. The Indian wedding affluent in ritual joins not only the couple but their families and communities in a vivacious celebration that can span over several days.

Now as the elephant has long been a proud symbol of Indian culture, it is one of the most popular wedding symbols, as well, that is often celebrated in the sophisticated decor and used as Indian wedding favors.

Below mentioned are the reasons that explain why elephant favors are the ideal gift for guests at Indian wedding:

  • Elephants are considered to be one of the holiest animals in India, and the union of marriage is also sacred.

  • They signify faithfulness, astuteness, and permanence which all are required for strong marriage.
  • They are symbols of good luck and excellent fortune something every bride and groom need.

Thus whether you’re Indian or just want to infuse your wedding with some Indian culture or good luck, these elephant wedding favors are a unique way to share blessings with your guests. Now, if you need more ideas then, you can look here for 4 unique wedding favor ideas which include all types of favor.