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Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Applying For Russian Visa

Getting a Russian visa is quite a complicated process. Russia is a country that strictly works on rules and regulations. Their government won’t allow even a single digit mistake in their visa forms. If your form has such a mistake, your form will be rejected directly. 

Not everyone is able to get a visa. You have to fit under certain criteria before applying for the visa. Because of such a complicated process. People look for a Russian visa agency that will help them in doing the whole process. This reduces the chances of rejection of the form of these agencies know about the process in a detailed manner and helps you in getting the visa. 

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There are some common mistakes that people often do while applying for a Russian visa. These mistakes can lead to the rejection of the form. Some of these mistakes and their solutions are defined below:

  • The first step for applying the form is online. There is no other way that you can fill the form. You have to fill it online and post it to the nearby visa office. You will get a form through the post and further details are provided in it.
  • You should have all the right documents. If there is any document missing or is not legit, then your application is 100% rejected.
  • You need an invitation from Russia in order to get the visa. For example – if you are going on a business trip, then you should have a Russian business visa invitation from the company for which you are going there. Without an invitation, you can not go to Russia.
  • All the fields in the form are to be filled mandatory. Even if you don’t have a phone number then you should enter ‘0000000000’ other the computer will not consider your form as fully filled.
rus visa online - Russian visa

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These are the most common mistakes that are found to be the reason that most of the applications got rejected. Once rejected, if you need to go, then you have to apply again but only if the reason that the previous one is rejected is no longer a problem.

The questions that are asked in the form like the countries you visit in the last 10 years should be answered properly. Answers like “too many” or “ I don’t remember” won’t work and your application is rejected automatically. You have to give the full details about your previous trips only then you can go further. The answers should be apt and to the point. 

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Browse this link to know the reason why your salary and social media are checked before visiting Russia. Getting a Russian visa to seem to be difficult but if you hire a well-reputed agency to get the visa, your chances of getting the visa will increase and the process seems easier to you.