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Different People Come To Your Church Website

I have talked to multiple churches about their online websites. There looks to be a great idea that church leaders understand but they do not explicitly state. By the way, they speak, they seem to understand that some lost people will stumble upon their website and realize they are a sinner, get saved online, then come to church that is Sunday. I am not telling that will never happen as God can do anything. However, there are many other visitors that are much more likely. Those kinds of visitors are:

Church Member

These people come here to visit website what is going on at a bible based church. One of the most important things for these people is an event calendar. For these people, an online website is just a communication medium for the events at a church

Invited By Member

People who were invited by the member of a church. They are usually going to a church website for a background investigation. They are trying to understand what to expect when they visit a church. No one likes unpleasant surprises, so going to a website is an attempt to be prepared. They do not want to casually go and find out the church is a weird culture.

The website should provide a general feeling for what type of church they got invited to is. Photos are always nice, basic information on what to expect is very helpful. A statement of belief also helps people evaluate what type of church they are visiting. You can also check out Vancouver WA churches non denominational online to find the best one according to your needs.

Church Hopper

These are the people who are looking for a new church and is using the internet for finding the right one. This is so rare when people find a church through online sources. When people asked me how I find, and I said online, people gave me a weird look. Apparently, most of the churches had never had this happen before.