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Disadvantages Of Using Automatic Directory Submission Tools

Search engines are a sea of information. Millions of people visit online web directories every day to locate their services. To tap the opportunities, businesses always try to get the maximum out of the web directories.

Even before the advancement of internet, businesses used printed business directories like yellow pages to advertise their businesses. But these days, thousands of web directories are available and millions of visitors prefer looking up in these directories in search of local services.  

automatic tools

Every business desires to submit its information in every possible web directory to get more customers. It is good to submit your business in as many numbers of free business listing as possible.

But you have to submit the whole lot of information about your business to each web directory. To do such a tedious task, automatic directory submission tools are used.   

But this tricks backfires. Search engines are way smarter than this automatic software because submitting your business in multiple directories in a short time suddenly increase the inbound links to your website.

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Search engines will immediately suspect that these links are from automatic submission sites. If you are found using submission tools, your site will be banned by the search engines. Search engines, then deindex your links and your website will not appear in the search results.

Another major disadvantage of using automatic directory submissions tools is that every business directory uses a different platform. The automatic software may not be able to submit your business in all directories.

manual submission

More importantly, reputed business directories are heavily moderated, automatic softeners also fail in submitting your business information to these directories. Manual submission in web directories allows you to submit your business in every possible directory with accurate information. You can manually submit your business here at

Mass directory submissions can help you but if you are caught using submission software, search engines will hammer your website. You can click here to know more about the disadvantage of automatic directory submission software.