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Email Marketing as an Online Marketing Tool

The marketing email , because of its virality, is one of the strategies of online marketing more work.

Carrying out an email marketing campaign requires prior planning, with well defined objectives. Do you have a comprehensive database for mass mailing? If the answer is yes we can say that you have the main thing to be able to do your email marketing campaign, if on the contrary your answer is no, I recommend that from today start to create a database collecting all mails from interested customers and users in your products but you also have the option to hire sending an email marketing company such as Canal mail , they have databases segmented by tastes, interests, locations, age … so you only have to define you which is the profile Of your target audience so that they are the ones that make the sending for you, in addition they will provide you with statistics analyzing the results of the campaign sent as rate of openings, rate of conversion …

What are the phases to carry out an email marketing campaign?

  1. Objectives: We must set some objectives before launching our campaign asking us questions such as What do we want to achieve? What do we pursue with our campaign? The answers can be several such as getting more leads, making sales, increasing traffic to our website, improving our reputation online.
  2. Creating the content of our email: Keep in mind that you have to transmit trust, communicate to people, to be as close as possible.
  3. Shipping: What time is the most suitable to make the shipment? Different studies reveal that the best time to send emails would be around 11 in the morning.
  4. Analysis: We must perform the analysis of different variables such as:

  • Number of posts: How many people have sent them our email?
  • Casualties: How many receptors have been killed in our shipping?
  • Opening rate: How many emails have been opened? To obtain this data we will have to divide the open emails between the sent ones. It is one of the most important data.
  • Bounce rate : Emails that do not reach their destination divided by the total shipped.
  • Click rate: It is probably one of the most important as the opening rate, measuring the interaction of receptors with our email, knowing if they open our links, if you have interested in our products or services.
  • Conversion rate: This varies depending on the objective that we intend to shipping, but mainly relies on measuring how many people reach our goal and how many fall by the wayside.