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A Guide To Network Cabling And Installation

Nowadays, network cabling is used for end number of reasons, other than computer networking.


It can be castoff to carry video for security camera systems along with the video for cable TV and AV (Audio/Visual) applications.

Network cabling is even utilized as control cable in Building Maintenance Systems & Access Control Systems, especially in managed it services Dallas TX.

There are numerous types of cables that are cast-off for this persistence, including undefended twisted pair, shielded twisted pair, and fiber optic and coaxial.

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In certain cases, specifically only one type of cable is used in a network, while in other cases; several kinds of cables are used.

Currently, wireless systems are becoming more and more prevalent but remember that you will always remain in need of network cabling for the wireless system.

Bear in mind: Two kinds of things make a network cabling better than a wireless network, which are:

  • Security and
  • Reliability.

Understanding Network Cabling Types

Before you get to know about how cable networking works, you first need to understand about the various cables and how they work.

Each cable is diverse, and the type of cable cast off for a specific network needs, should be related with the size, topology and protocol of the network.

3 types of cables are mainly used for network cabling:

  • Unshielded/Shielded Twisted Pair
  • Fiber Optic
  • Coaxial Cable

Network Cabling Components

According to the expert reviews of network cabling Dallas installation services, there are few components that essentially need to be considered while sitting up network cabling in any of the sector.

network outdoor cabling

For your consideration, they are mentioned below:

  • Patch panel
  • Data Jack
  • RJ 45 Connector
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Cable Supports
  • Wire Managers
  • Firestop Sleeves
  • Cable Labels
  • Network Cabling Installation

To get more information on network cabling in detailed format, seek for related web sources.