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How to help google index your blog quickly?

When we create a blog, one of the things that interests us is that google index our site. But why are they important? Well mainly because if Google does not have indexed the users can not find it in the search engine unless they enter the address of our blog in the address bar of the browser, which is quite difficult if you are not a known brand. So we can say that until Google does not index our blog will be difficult to have visitors and therefore we start to be known.

We usually have to wait for Googlebot to crawl our blog and add it to your database, there is no definite date but may be weeks until google it note for display in their results.

How can I help google index my site faster?

1. Create a Sitemap: The sitemap or site map is an XML document that shows each of the pages of the blog. We can find many pages that help us generate and Sitemap such as Sitemap Generator .

2. Send the site map to Google Webmaster Tool. Once you have created the sitemap must create an account (if you have not yet) on Google tools and send your site map.

3. Add the address of your blog to your social profiles: Surely you will use any social profile like facebook, twitter, Linkeding .. because Aprovechate and add the address of your blog, google usually track often these profiles so that you help to find .

4. Create external content. You can create content for another blog of the same theme as yours as a guest author, do not forget that what really interests you is that in your content you put a link to your blog.

5. Set up your RSS with Feedburner , this tool will help to inform your new blog google whether as to notify the search engine each new blog post you make.

6 . Send directly the address of your blog to the search engines through URL Sumbit .