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Do you know SEO and SEM positioning?

The positioning is necessary for a good visibility of our page. The term SEO comes from the acronym Search Engine Optimization, consists of a series of techniques that are aimed at improving the visibility of a web in search results provided by search engines.

Optimizing our website will make our company appear among the first search results, because we will adapt the content and modify the associated code to make it friendly, this optimization only affects organic search results, not paid or sponsored results as it is for Google Adwords.

The positioning Natural Search Engine Optimization or SEO is part of the range of resources that Online Marketing offers the empresas.¿Estás thinking of carrying out an SEO strategy?

On the other hand we find the positioning SEM (Search Engine Marketing), this focuses solely on paid campaigns cost per click through sponsored in major search engines such as ads Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

What are the main differences between SEO and SEM positioning?

The big difference between SEO and SEM is the speed with which the results are achieved, while the results of SEM arrive immediately, in SEO the actions have to be carried out on a constant basis, so it will take a few months To observe the first results.

Positioning withoutAs you can see the objectives of SEO and SEM are exactly the same:

 Increased visits to our website

 Increase of contacts

 Increase sales

 Brand Consolidation

Is your company visible on the Internet? Do you want to get more people to visit your page?

Through my consulting process, I will analyze your project to give you the guidelines to follow to ensure that your positioning strategy is fully optimized in the Long Term.

With my combined campaigns, SEO and SEM positioning the volume of visits to your website will increase constantly, thus increasing your chances of selling.