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How Does A Portable Charger Work?

Today, it has become a necessity for every individual to own a power bank as usually the battery of Smartphone’s get all drained out within a short span of time. And having a charged up mobile is vital as well because there are a lot of things that we do through our phones like making a call, sending a message, using GPS etc.

Thus, all these aspects make it essential for opting to excellent portable charging solutions which can also be used for other electronic gadgets such as tablet, notebook etc. However, in spite of their popularity, not everybody is apparent about how does these function and the technology utilized in them.

Thus, you may read the below-underlined attributes to understand how does power bank work:

  • Battery size – External cell phone charger are not all the same and one of the factors that distinguish them is the battery size. Obviously, the larger the battery, the more times your smart device can recharge.

  • Output – When there are multiple outputs on a power bank, it is common to find 2.4A, 2.1A, and 1A outputs together. With concurrent charging across all three of those ports, all devices, no matter their charging amplitude, can power up.
  • Input – It refers to charging the power bank itself. Similar to speed limitations on output charging, the input charging speed is dependent on the type of wall charger used.

  • USB Type C – The latest in USB technology is USB Type-C / USB-C. Relatively new, the reversible head and smaller size stand in contrast from the older yet familiar USB Type-A. The latest power banks support USB-C as it slowly becomes the newest standard for transferring and charging.

Furthermore, you may click this link to get to know about the 7 major advantages of using a portable charger for smartphones. It is vital before buying any power bank to check its reviews and price online.