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Salvator Mundi – Mystery Behind Artwork Dealing

Artwork dealing is a serious business in present times, which has given rise to various scams in auction related to pricing and authenticity.

In a recent event, Leonardo Da Vinci’s most expensive artwork Salvator Mundi auction has raised many questions.

You might have heard about its most expensive auction by a Russian billionaire, Dmitry Rybolovlev. There are a lot of conspiracies for this painting and it has become the most expensive artwork which has been auctioned till now.

There are a lot of questions regarding the auction of Salvator Mundi. Why the crown prince of Saudi Arabia had bought this expensive artwork?

It has been said that Rybolovlev investments in real estate, artwork and football is just his way for money laundering.

Salvator Mundi & Dymitry Rybolovlev

Image source – Google

Dealing with Salvator Mundi

The art dealer has fetched about $300 million on the auction of Salvator Mundi. Now it’s been believed that the artwork dealing was merely a means of illegal investment.

Salvator Mundi was being auctioned at Christie and it had become a single most expensive artwork sold at auction.

The other partner with Saudi crown prince was Abu Dhabi crown prince which was revealed late after the auction of Salvator Mundi.

There are many questions why Saudi Arabia prince invested in Salvator Mundi?

  • It is quite a high price than the actual price value of the artwork.
  • This auction has raised a number of issues on the religious level as its being bought by non-Christian.

There are some other questions also for the authenticity of this painting too. The painting is supposed to hang in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. This is still under question whether this painting is present there or not.