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SEO Tips for E-Commerce

E-commerce, has become today a channel of sale more, for which many companies are betting, which is why we can find more and more competition so we have to improve our SEO techniques so our customers Can find.

1. Do not use the same descriptions for your products that the manufacturer / supplier: Compose your own descriptions, made by the manufacturer may be copied from other sites and certainly not optimized to seo. In essence have a long description, well written and 100% original and unique.

2. Have a content strategy: Having a blog within your online store will help you keep your site updated with new content, your site will have more value to users and search engines.

3. Optimize images of each product: Use the ALT tag of images. The use of these labels can help you when your products are displayed on Google Image Search .

4. Optimize Anchor Text

5. Avoid repeated content: Use unique descriptions for each of your products, repeated content is the biggest enemy for search engines. Many online stores have already been penalized for the use of repeated content in part of their website.

6. Use search engine friendly urls for containing the keyword .




7. Use videos inside your store: Use explanatory videos of your products and upload your youtube channel, google gives much importance to this that will improve your rankings showing them in their search results.

8. Optimize your store categories within: Keep in mind the possible internal searches that can make your potential customers once they are within your site.

9. Meta unique descriptions: Use different descriptions with complete information of what is shown on each of the pages. Proper use of this tag can increase the number of clicks by users.

10. Check internal links: Make sure all internal links are working properly and that samples are not broken.

11. Use the H1 and H2 tags with keywords.

12. Create a site map for your online store: Use a well-structured site map, will help google to index all your products. Do not forget to upload your site map to Google Webmasters Tools if you want the process to be faster.

13. Get external links: Getting links on other sites pointing toward your shop will gain popularity thus earn positions in search results

So why is it so important to use SEO techniques in your online store? Because the better you position yourself in search engines the more traffic you will receive from potential customers, which will increase your sales potential.