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How to use Google Webmaster Tools to optimize your page?

To verify your web page you have several ways, in this case, I will put the simplest ones:

1. Upload a file to the root folder of our domain

2. Link to your Google profile Analytics with Google Webmaster Tools

Before you start using these tools I advise you to configure it correctly. To access the configuration you will find a wheel just in the upper right of the main page, which contains the following sections:

Webmaster Tools Preferences:

In this section you can configure the language of the messages that arrive at you, as well as what kind of messages you want to receive, I personally have marked “all”, also you must include the email to which you want the notifications to arrive.

Site configuration: In this section, we have different sections.

– Geographical segmentation:  Since this option will define the country to which we direct our page web.De this way if we want to direct your web, for example, the Italian market, you would set this country, so you’re not suggesting to google showing your site for search carried out in
– preferred domain: Allows discriminating between the domain with www and without www domain, telling Google how you want your urls are displayed.
The Crawl rate option allows you to limit the frequency with which Google crawls your web.So not have problems with the server where your site is hosted, you better not touch this option.
Change of address: Tell Google when you translates your site to a new domain property
Users and site owners: You can add your site administrators.
Verification details: You can see if you have successfully verified that you own your website

It’s time we start with the tools Google Webmaster Tools , we?


In this section you will have access to all the messages and alerts of your web page. If you click the link you will see the content of the message and a set of actions recommended by google to solve the problem.

2. Search aspect

Structured data: From this section you can view structured that google has failed to detect your web data. You can also see if there are errors in the markup that prevent rich data from being displayed.
– Marking data: By using this tool google will show your site more attractive way in their search results. You can use it to mark items, local businesses, events …
– HTML Improvements: You indicate the problems it has had tracked google when your web. Among other warns errors in titles, meta description, non-indexable content. That is, google informs you that you have to do to optimize your web correctly, giving you some tips on things you can do to improve your natural positioning (seo).
– Sitelinks: Under many search results may appear links that help users to surf the web, these are called “sitelinks” and are added automatically by google, but through this tool can tell google Which links do not want to appear there.

3. Search traffic

– Consultation searches: From here we see the number of prints for each of the caves words and search position, the number of clicks and CTR have had.
– Links to your site: Google will show in this section of incoming links your website has, besides what pages of your site have been most linked.
– Internal links: Veras the amount of internal links you have to if you like what they are.
–  Manual Actions: It will show if you have received some manual penalty by google

4. google index

– Index Status: Shows the evolution of your web pages that Google has indexed, this number should increase over time.
– Content Keywords: You display a list of keywords that google detected in your site.
– Deleting url: You can request that certain urls google search results are removed.

 5. Tracking

– Crawl errors: From here we can see if Googlebot has had some difficulty in your page to trace such as a 404 error pages Very useful for detecting falls and broken links.
– Statistics tracking: With this information we will know the number of pages of our website that google has tracked addition we can also see how many KBs downloaded our website and how long it take to download the content.
– Explore like google: This option lets you give Google a new url for inclusion in its directory and quickly indexed (up to 500 applications a week)
– blocked URLs: we here show the urls that have been blocked by Of the robot.txt file.
– Sitemaps: This option helps you give google your site map that lets you tell the pages containing your web, thus improving the accessibility of information to GoogleBot
– Parameters url: If you have problems in your urls (eg duplicate content ) You can use this option to exclude them.
– Security issues: Google informs us here if our website has undergone a security problem, such as if it has been hacked, or contains a malicious script.

The information provided by webmasters tools is essential for the correct optimization of your website, to facilitate its indexing and not to improve its positioning