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What Is CMS And In What Manner It Is Helpful In Doing SEO?

CMS or content management system became a buzz in the web development industry few years back because of the benefits offered by it.

Content Management System is not restricted till writing good articles; it can have multiple meanings relying on the situations and the person’s or project intents.

At present there are end numbers of web development and designing companies that are even offering SEO services. But how to fetch that to what level they have knowledge about CMS and SEO?

While choosing a web development company that claims to have decent amount of knowledge and experience in handling CMS related projects, checkout that whether they are aware about the standard and custom CMS platform or not.

Below are the custom CMS platforms that must be considered:

  • A custom CMS doesn’t always mean patented (branded).
  • Custom CMS is not always required; it will depend on your present requirements.
  • Often a custom built solution may run faster, if developed correctly
  • A custom CMS is not suggested for a basic website.
  • Usually enterprise level clienteles run modified CMS platforms
  • Generally, SEO services company in the market for years are well-aware of CMS and what sort of platforms will go well with which website.

SEO and CMS selection

SEO and CMS go hand-in-hand, SEO or search engine optimization plays a vital role in making any website successful, so thinking about your SEO strategy before selecting a CMS can be significant.

Few CMSs are built with specific URL structures, offer certain plug-ins and can be worthy for one type of website, but might not able to handle another type of website very well (quite possible in case of ecommerce sites).

Here are few examples:

  • There are numerous WordPress SEO plugins and we’ve found WordPress to work equitably well for content website.
  • Magento is an eCommerce shopping cart and content management system is pretty difficult to work in with.
  • Magento SEO campaigns usually necessitate a lot of “fixing” of core code structures and reworking the base of how the CMS was earlier put together.
  • Having doubts in mind? No worries, do visit this link to get them all cleared.
  • Do make sure to find that the CMS you’re considering, enables you to perform the SEO strategy you, or your SEO Company, have in mind.